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Expansion of the Product Range of Spiral Wound Elements for Sea and Brackish Water Desalination
V. G. Dzyubenko, P. A. Vdovin, A. R. Sidorov & I. I. Shishova
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Gas Permeation and Hemocompatibility of Novel Perfluorinated Polymers for Blood Oxygenation
A. Yu. Alentiev, N. A. Belov, R. Yu. Nikiforov, E. V. Polunin, N. V. Borovkova, A. K. Evseev, M. S. Makarov, I. V. Goroncharovskaya, M. V Storozheva & V. S. Zhuravel
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Preparation of High-Flux Ultrafiltration Polyphenylsulfone Membranes
A. V. Bildyukevich, T. V. Plisko, Y. A. Isaichykova & A. A. Ovcharova
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Fluorinated Hollow Fiber Membranes Based on Matrimid 5218 and Their Application in the Process of Helium Recovery from Natural Gas
D. A. Syrtsova, M. G. Shalygin & V. V. Teplyakov
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Synthesis of Hybrid Materials Based on MF-4SK Perfluorinated Sulfonated Cation-Exchange Membranes Modified with Polyantimonic Acid and Characterization of Their Proton Conductivity
F. A. Yaroshenko & V. A. Burmistrov
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Influence of the Electric Potential Difference on the Diffusion Permeability of an Ion-Exchange Membrane
A. N. Filippov & S. A. Shkirskaya
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Enhancement of Mass Transfer Through a Homogeneous Anion-Exchange Membrane in Limiting and Overlimiting Current Regimes by Screening Part of Its Surface with Nonconductive
K. A. Nebavskaya, D. Yu. Butylskii, I. A. Moroz, A. V. Nebavsky, N. D. Pismenskaya & V. V. Nikonenko
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Stabilization of Gas Transport Properties of Composite Membranes with a Thin PTMSP Selective Layer by Adding Porous Aromatic Framework Nanoparticles and Simultaneous Polymer Crosslinking
D. S. Bakhtin, L. A. Kulikov, G. N. Bondarenko, V. P. Vasilevskii, A. L. Maksimov & A. V. Volkov
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Thermodynamic Optimization and Frontiers of Pressure-Driven Membrane Processes
A. M. Tsirlin & Al. A. Akhremenkov
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Modeling of Fast-Permeant Component Removal from Gas Mixture in a Membrane Module with Pulsed Retentate
S. V. Battalov, T. S. Sazanova, M. M. Trubyanov, E. S. Puzanov, V. M. Vorotyntsev, P. N. Drozdov & I. V. Vorotyntsev
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