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Membrane technology in bioconversion of lignocellulose to motor fuel components
V. V. Teplyakov, M. G. Shalygin, A. A. Kozlova, A. V. Chistyakov, M. V. Tsodikov & A. I. Netrusov
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Ion exchange membranes based on silica and sulfonated copolymers of styrene with allyl glycidyl ether
O. V. Lebedeva, E. A. Malahova, E. I. Sipkina, A. N. Chesnokova, A. V. Kuzmin, S. D. Maksimenko, Yu. N. Pozhidaev, A. E. Rzhechitskiy, T. V. Raskulova & N. A. Ivanov
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Effect of temperature on gas transport properties of supported ionic liquid membranes
A. I. Akhmetshina, N. R. Yanbikov, A. N. Petukhov & I. V. Vorotyntsev
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Electroconvection in systems with heterogeneous ion-exchange membranes
V. I. Zabolotsky, L. Novak, A. V. Kovalenko, V. V. Nikonenko, M. H. Urtenov, K. A. Lebedev & A. Yu. But
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Variation of polymer-template pore geometry as a means of controlling the magnetic properties of metallic nanostructures
K. K. Kadyrzhanov, A. L. Kozlovskiy, E. Yu. Kanyukov, A. A. Mashentseva, M. V. Zdorovets & E. E. Shumskaya
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Sequential micro- and ultrafiltration in the process of production of cottage cheese
V. A. Timkin & Yu. A. Gorbunova
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Comparison of membrane and conventional reactors under dry methane reforming conditions
A. V. Alexandrov, N. N. Gavrilova, V. R. Kislov & V. V. Skudin
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