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Gas–Liquid Membrane Contactors for Carbon Dioxide Capture from Gaseous Streams
S. D. Bazhenov and E. S. Lyubimova
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Preparation of Steel/Titanium Dioxide/Titanium Three-Layer Composite Membranes
V. S. Mitin, V. I. Novikov, A. I. Sharapaev and A. G. Muradova
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Structure and Transport Properties of Pervaporation Membranes Based on Polyphenylene Oxide and Heteroarm Star Polymers
G. A. Polotskaya, V. T. Lebedev, A. Yu. Pulyalina and L. V. Vinogradova
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Effect of Modification with Hydrated Silica on the Selectivity and Proton Conductivity of the Nafion 115 Membrane
E. V. Nazyrova, S. A. Shkirskaya, N. A. Kononenko and O. A. Dyomina
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Determination of the Effectiveness of New Green Scale Inhibitors for Reverse Osmosis
A. G. Pervov, A. P. Andrianov, V. A. Chukhin, R. V. Efremov, G. Ya. Rudakova and K. I. Popov
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Gas Permeability through Poly(4-methyl-1-pentene) at Temperatures Above and Below the Glass Transition Point
S. Yu. Markova, N. M. Smirnova and V. V. Teplyakov
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Controlled Template Synthesis and Properties of Cobalt Nanotubes
A. L. Kozlovskiy, D. I. Shlimas, A. A. Mashentseva, M. V. Zdorovets and K. K. Kadyrzhanov
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Study of Radiolysis Products in Tracks over the Distance from the Ion Trajectory in Polyethylene Terephthalate and Polycarbonate
A. I. Vilensky, A. B. Vasil’ev and O. G. Larionov
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Application of Electromembrane Processes in Chromium Electroplating Technology
S. S. Kruglikov
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Vapor-Phase Membrane Concentration of Bioethanol and Biobutanol Using Hydrophobic Membranes Based on Glassy Polymers
M. G. Shalygin, A. A. Kozlova, A. I. Netrusov and V. V. Teplyakov
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