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Prospects of practical application of hybrid membranes
E. Yu. Safronova & A. B. Yaroslavtsev
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Structure and properties of poly(4-methylpentene-1) track-etched membranes
D. A. Syrtsova, V. V. Teplyakov, Yu. K. Kochnev, A. N. Nechaev, P. Yu. Apel, O. R. Adeniyi & L. Petrik
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Structure and properties of filtration membranes based on cellulose diacetate with solid fillers
V. M. Sedelkin, L. N. Potehina, D. F. Oleynikova, E. O. Goroholinskaya & O. A. Lebedeva
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Effect of nature of fibrous substrate of composite membranes on their structure, conductive properties, and selectivity
M. M. Kardash, N. A. Kononenko, M. A. Fomenko, I. A. Tyurin & D. V. Ainetdinov
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Influence of the concentration and molecular weight of polyethylene glycol on the structure and permeability of polysulfone hollow fiber membranes
T. V. Plisko, A. V. Bildyukevich, V. V. Usosky & V. V. Volkov
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Effect of thermal annealing on the structural and conducting properties of zinc nanotubes synthesized in the matrix of track-etched membranes
A. L. Kozlovskiy, D. I. Shlimas, A. A. Mashentseva, M. V. Zdorovets & K. K. Kadyrzhanov
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Permeability of C1–C3 hydrocarbons through MDK membranes under nonisothermal conditions at lower temperatures
V. V. Zhmakin & V. V. Teplyakov
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Influence of membrane selectivity on helium recovery from natural gas
N. I. Laguntsov, I. M. Kurchatov, M. D. Karaseva, V. I. Solomakhin & P. A. Churkin
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Separation of suspensions by dielectrophoresis on metal-coated track-etched membranes
S. N. Podoynitsyn, T. V. Tsyganova & V. V. Berezkin
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A hydrodynamic study of flow structure in spiral reverse osmosis devices
O. A. Abonosimov, S. I. Lazarev & D. O. Abonosimov
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Filtration of suspension of heavy particles through a porous medium
A. Baryshnikov, G. V. Belyakov, A. A. Tairova & A. N. Filippov
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Simulation of membrane ultrafiltration of secondary raw milk
V. M. Sedelkin, A. N. Surkova, O. V. Pachina, L. N. Potehina & D. A. Mashkova
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