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Percolation of composite poly(vinyltrimethylsilane) membranes with carbon nanotubes
A. M. Grekhov , Yu. S. Eremin , G. A. Dibrov & V. V. Volkov
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The database “Gas Separation Properties of Glassy Polymers” (Topchiev Institute): Capabilities and prospects
A. Alentiev , Yu. Yampolskii , V. Ryzhikh & D. Tsarev
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Controlling the barrier properties of polymer composites containing montmorillonite
N. V. Avagimova , A. Yu. Pulyalina , A. M. Toikka , O. M. Suvorova , A. D. Vilesov & G. A. Polotskaya
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Complexation of ammonia and water with cellulose acetate upon transmembrane transport
I. V. Vorotyntsev , I. I. Grinval’d , I. Yu. Kalagaev , N. A. Petukhova & A. N. Petukhov
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Concentration history of pervaporation
E. P. Ageev , N. N. Matushkina & N. L. Strusovskaya
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Experimental and theoretical study on the effectiveness of vacuum in osmotic membrane distillation
G. N. Freiberg
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Hydrodynamics of a thermopervaporation flow membrane module with cylindrical spacers
V. A. Kirsh , I. L. Borisov & V. V. Volkov
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Hybrid technology for separation of oil-in-water emulsions combining coalescing filtration and microfiltration
L. E. Kopylova , A. O. Kashirin & A. A. Svitsov
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An NMR study of a water-methanol solution sorbed in MF-4SK sulfonated cation-exchange membranes
D. A. Kritskaya , A. V. Chernyak , S. G. Vasil’ev , E. F. Abdrashitov , V. Ch. Bokun , A. N. Ponomarev , A. S. Dmitruk & V. I. Volkov
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Structure and gas permeability of nanoporous metal oxide coatings produced by the alkoxide method
N. I. Lukyanova , A. A. Kirsankin , M. V. Tsodikov & V. V. Teplyakov
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Current-voltage characteristics of metal-coated track membranes measured in air and vacuum
S. N. Podoinitsyn , T. V. Tsyganova & B. V. Mchedlishvili
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Permeability of foil based on exfoliated graphite to C1-C6 alkanes
D. A. Syrtsova , E. A. Efimova , V. V. Teplyakov , S. G. Ionov & D. Roizard
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Elaboration of composite hollow fiber membranes with selective layer from poly[1-(trimethylsylil)1-propyne] for regeneration of aqueous alkanolamine solutions
V. V. Volkov , A. V. Bildukevich , G. A. Dibrov , V. V. Usoskiy , V. P. Kasperchik , V. P. Vasilevsky & E. G. Novitsky
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Fine purification of silane for removal of chlorosilanes by membrane gas separation
V. M. Vorotyntsev , P. N. Drozdov , I. V. Vorotyntsev , S. N. Manokhina & S. S. Knysh
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Asymmetry of ion transport in hybrid MF-4SC membranes with a gradient distribution of hydrated zirconia
E. Yu. Safronova , I. A. Prikhno , G. Pourcelly & A. B. Yaroslavtsev
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