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Influence of polyvinylpyrrolidone on morphology, hydrophilicity, and performance of polyethersulfone microfiltration membranes
E. Yu. Astakhov, I. M. Kolganov, E. R. Klinshpont, P. G. Tsarin & A. A. Kalacheva
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Effect of preparation conditions on nanostructural features of the NAFION® type perfluorinated proton conducting membranes
Yu. V. Kul'velis, V. T. Lebedev, V. A. Trunov, O. N. Primachenko, S. Ya. Khaikin, D. Torok & S. S. Ivanchev
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Relationship between pectin sorption on a MA-40 anion-exchange membrane and its structural characteristics
I. M. Bodyakina, M. A. Chernyaeva, V. V. Kotov, G. A. Netesova & N. A. Kononenko
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The mosaic character of gel polarization during ultrafiltration
A. N. Cherkasov & A. E. Polotsky
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Fractionation of multicomponent solutions by electrodialysis with bipolar membranes
E. N. Egorov, A. A. Svittsov, S. N. Dudnik & V. I. Demkin
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Diffusion characteristics of surface-modified ion-exchange membranes based on MK-40, MF-4SK, and polyaniline
P. A. Yurova, Yu. A. Karavanova & A. B. Yaroslavtsev
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Nanofiltration and sorption of organic solvents in poly(1-trimethylsilyl-1-propyne) samples of different microstructures
A. V. Volkov, S. E. Tsarkov, M. B. Gokzhaev, G. N. Bondarenko, S. A. Legkov, Yu. A. Kukushkina & V. V. Volkov
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Electrodialysis of solutions of tartaric acid and its salts
T. V. Eliseeva, E. V. Krisilova, V. P. Vasilevsky & E. G. Novitsky
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Use of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy for determining the diffusion layer thickness at the surface of ion-exchange membranes
A. E. Kozmai, V. V. Nikonenko, N. D. Pismenskaya, S. A. Mareev, E. I. Belova & P. Sistat
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Effect of solution composition on selectivity of reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membranes
G. G. Kagramanov & E. N. Farnosova
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Separation and concentration of a low-penetrating impurity by membrane gas separation
V. M. Vorotyntsev, P. N. Drozdov, I. V. Vorotyntsev & O. A. Pimenov
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Electrical conductivity of KCl solutions in pores of track-etched polymer membranes
V. V. Berezkin, O. A. Kiseleva, B. V. Mchedlishvili & V. D. Sobolev
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