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The formation of polysulfone hollow fiber membranes by the free fall spinning method
A. V. Bildyukevich, T. V. Plisko & V. V. Usosky
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Hybrid membranes based on silica and 2-hydroxyethylmethacrylate–4-vinylpyridine copolymers
O. V. Lebedeva, E. I. Sipkina & Yu. N. Pozhidaev
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Structure and mechanical properties of ultrafiltration membranes modified with Langmuir–Blodgett films
G. B. Melnikova, G. K. Zhavnerko, S. A. Chizhik & A. V. Bildyukevich
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Search for a technological invariant and evolution of the structure–property relation for Polikon materials
M. M. Kardash & D. V. Terin
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Studies on structure of pore space of MGA-95 and ESPA semipermeable membranes by small-angle X-ray scattering
S. I. Lazarev, Yu. M. Golovin, D. S. Lazarev & I. V. Khorokhorina
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An atomic force microscopy study of hybrid polymeric membranes: Surface topographical analysis and estimation of pore size distribution
T. S. Sazanova, I. V. Vorotyntsev, V. B. Kulikov, I. M. Davletbaeva & I. I. Zaripov
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Filtration of viscous fluid in a porous medium with a phase transition
N. A. Baryshnikov, S. B. Turuntaev & S. V. Eliseev
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Effect of counterion hydration numbers on the development of Electroconvection at the surface of heterogeneous cation-exchange membrane modified with an MF-4SK film
V. V. Gil, M. A. Andreeva, N. D. Pismenskaya, V. V. Nikonenko, C. Larchet & L. Dammak
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Experimental study of mass transfer in a convective mass-transfer apparatus for membrane plasma exchange
M. R. Aliev
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Separation of oil products from aqueous emulsion sewage using a modified nylon–polyaniline membrane
D. D. Fazullin, G. V. Mavrin, I. G. Shaikhiev & E. A. Haritonova
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Some peculiarities of dehydrogenation of propane and n-butane in a combined membrane reactor with the AOK-73-24 industrial alumina–chromia catalyst and a palladium membrane
L. P. Didenko, V. I. Savchenko, L. A. Sementsova & P. E. Chizov
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