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Hydrophobization of Polysulfone Hollow Fiber Membranes
A. V. Bildyukevich, T. V. Plisko, V. V. Usosky, A. A. Ovcharova & V. V. Volkov
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Fabrication of Hollow Fiber Membrane from Polyarylate–Polyarylate Block Copolymer for Air Separation
M. V. Ivanov, I. P. Storozhuk, G. A. Dibrov, M. P. Semyashkin, N. G. Pavlukovich & G. G. Kagramanov
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Hybrid Gas Separation Membranes Containing Star-Shaped Polystyrene with the Fullerene (C60) Core
A. Yu. Pulyalina, V. A. Rostovtseva, Z. Pientka, L. V. Vinogradova & G. A. Polotskaya
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Ionic Conductivity of Ceria-Doped Ion Exchange Membranes on the Basis of Sulfonated Polynaphthaleneimide
S. A. Makulova, Yu. A. Karavanova, I. I. Ponomarev, I. A. Stenina & Yu. A. Volkova
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A Study of Pore Formation and Methanol Vapor Permeability in Stretched Polytetrafluoroethylene Films Used as a Precursor of Composite Ion-Exchange Membranes
D. A. Kritskaya, E. F. Abdrashitov, V. Ch. Bokun & A. N. Ponomarev
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Study of Separation Behavior of Activated and Non-Activated MOF-5 as Filler on MOF-based Mixed-Matrix Membranes in H2/CO2 Separation
Mehrzad Arjmandi, Majid Pakizeh, Mohammadreza Saghi & Abolfazl Arjmandi
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Carbon Dioxide Desorption from Amine Solution in a Nonporous Membrane Contactor
A. O. Malakhov & S. D. Bazhenov
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Use of a Hybrid Membrane–Sorption System with Three Adsorbers for Producing Oxygen-Enriched Air
A. A. Tishin, V. N. Gurkin, N. I. Laguntsov & I. M. Kurchatov
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