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Liquid membranes for extraction
E. V. Yurtov & M. Yu. Koroleva
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Supported ionic liquid membranes for separations of gases and liquids: an overview
Rafael Martínez-Palou , Natalya V. Likhanova & Octavio Olivares-Xometl
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Investigation of permeability of fluorine and certain fluorinated gases through nonporous fluorine-resistant polymers
V. K. Ezhov
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Determination of surface potential of hollow fiber membranes by streaming potential method
V. D. Sobolev , T. A. Vorobyova & O. A. Kiseleva
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Effect of absorbent vapor on stability of characteristics of a composite PTMSP membrane on nonwoven polyester support during regeneration of diethanolamine solution in membrane contactor
S. D. Bazhenov , G. A. Dibrov , E. G. Novitsky , V. P. Vasilevsky & V. V. Volkov
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An X-ray scattering study of the structure of an MGA-95 composite membrane
S. I. Lazarev , Yu. M. Golovin , D. O. Abonosimov & K. K. Polyansky
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The effect of complex formation on the sorption and transport of mercury(II) ions in ion-exchange membranes
A. V. Dyukov , S. V. Shishkina , E. A. Zhelonkina & B. A. Ananchenko
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PD-sensors based on perfluorinated membranes for simultaneous determination of vitamins B1, B6, and PP in aqueous solutions
A. V. Parshina & O. V. Bobreshova
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Hybrid gas separation polymeric membranes containing nanoparticles
Yu. P. Yampolskii , L. E. Starannikova & N. A. Belov
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Prevention of the capillary contraction of polysulfone based hollow fiber membranes
A. V. Bildyukevich & V. V. Usosky
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Polikon composite cation-exchange membranes based on novolac phenol-formaldehyde fibers
M. M. Kardash , N. D. Pismenskaya & D. V. Ainetdinov
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Electric conductivity of profiled ion-exchange membranes
N. V. Sheldeshov , V. I. Zabolotskii & S. A. Loza
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Potential use of nuclear track membranes in ophthalmology
E. O. Bosykh , V. V. Sohoreva & V. F. Pichugin
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On the use of membrane technology for helium extraction from high-pressure natural gas
N. I. Laguntsov , I. M. Kurchatov , M. D. Karaseva & V. I. Solomahin
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Influence of the composition of concentrate solutions on the efficiency of carbon dioxide removal from monoethanolamine aqueous solution by electrodialysis
E. G. Novitsky , V. P. Vasilevsky , S. D. Bazhenov , E. A. Grushevenko , V. I. Vasilyeva & A. V. Volkov
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Stormwater treatment for removal of synthetic surfactants and petroleum products by reverse osmosis including subsequent concentrate utilization
A. G. Pervov & N. A. Matveev
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High purification of gases for removal of highly permeable impurities in membrane units comprised of two or three in-series modules
V. M. Vorotyntsev , P. N. Drozdov , I. V. Vorotyntsev & S. V. Battalov
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Theoretical evaluation of the microfiltration membrane lifetime
T. S. Philippova & A. N. Filippov
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Application of membrane technology to liquid pepsin extract processing
U. Y. Sviridenko , D. V. Abramov , G. V. Murunova & N. N. Osipov
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