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Effects of Bulky Substituents on Transport Properties of Membrane Gas Separation Materials
Yu. P. Yampolksii and S. Banerjee
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Effect of Protolysis Reactions on the Shape of Chronopotentiograms of a Homogeneous Anion-Exchange Membrane in NaH2PO4 Solution
E. D. Belashova, O. A. Kharchenko, V. V. Sarapulova, V. V. Nikonenko and N. D. Pismenskaya
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Methanol Steam Reforming over ZrO2-Supported Catalysts in Conventional and Membrane Reactors
A. A. Lytkina, N. V. Orekhova, M. M. Ermilova, I. S. Petriev, M. G. Baryshev and A. B. Yaroslavtsev
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Hybrid Membranes Synthesized from a Nafion Powder and Carbon Nanotubes by Hot Pressing
I. A. Prikhno, E. Yu. Safronova and A. B. Ilyin
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Modification of Track-Etched PET Membranes by Graft Copolymerization of Acrylic Acid and N-Vinylimidazole
I. V. Korolkov, A. A. Mashentseva, O. Güven and M. V. Zdorovets
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Modeling of Ethylene Absorption from an Ethylene–Ethane Mixture by Silver Nitrate Aqueous Solution in a Hollow-Fiber Membrane Contactor
V. A. Kirsch, V. I. Roldugin, A. A. Ovcharova and A. V. Bildyukevich
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Donnan-Potential Sensors Based on Zirconia-Modified Nafion Membranes Treated under Different Conditions for the Determination of Amino Acids with Several Nitrogen-Containing Groups
E. Yu. Safronova, A. V. Parshina, E. A. Ryzhkova, D. V. Safronov, O. V. Bobreshova and A. B. Yaroslavtsev
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