ISSN: 2218-1172
English translation of the journal
“Membrany I Membrannye Tekhnologii”
(Membranes and Membrane Technologies)

The Russian Journal "Membrany I Membrannye Tekhnologii” (Membranes and Membrane Technologies) was established in 2010 by International Academic Publishing Company Nauka/Interperiodica and A.V.Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis RAS.

The scope of the Journal is highlighting of recent progress and developments in the field of Membranes and Membrane Technologies in Russian Federation and CIS countries. The prime focus of is:

  • new membrane materials, highly efficient polymeric and inorganic membranes;
  • hybrid membranes, nanocomposites and nanostructured membranes;
  • aqueous and non-aqueous filtration processes (micro-, ultra-, and nanofiltration; reverse osmosis);
  • gas separation;
  • electromembrane processes, fuel cells;
  • membrane pervaporation and membrane distillation;
  • membrane catalysis and membrane reactors;
  • water desalination and waste water treatment;
  • hybrid membrane processes;
  • membrane-based sensors;
  • membrane extraction and membrane emulsification;
  • mathematical modeling of porous structures and membrane separation processes;
  • membrane characterization;
  • membrane technologies in industry (energy, mining, pharmaceuticals and medicine, chemistry and petroleum chemistry, food industry, etc.);
  • membranes for environmental protection (“green chemistry”).

“Membranes and Membrane Technologies” is pre-reviewed journal and published six times a year. Russian version is published as a separate Journal. In the beginning, English version is distributed as an Appendix of Journal of “Petroleum Chemistry” via existing subscription.